90 Ball Bingo

If you’ve played Bingo in a Bingo Hall across the UK, chances are, you played 90 Ball Bingo. This hugely popular version of the game rose to prominence in the 1960’s and is named because there are 90 possible Bingo balls that can be called out.

To play, simply purchase your Tickets, each of which has three horizontal lines with five numbers, for a total of 15 numbers on your Ticket.

There are usually three ways to win a prize. If you complete one horizontal line before or at the same time as any other player, by completing two lines, or by completing all three lines, which is also known as getting a ‘Full House’. The prize usually increases between each win, with the jackpot or biggest prize being claimed by the first player to complete a Full House.

75 Ball Bingo

Named because there are 75 numbered balls (from 1-75), this version of Bingo Is largely popular in the USA and Canada as well as with online Bingo players. 

In this version of the game, you usually purchase between 1-25 Bingo Tickets to play.

Instead of completing lines to win, in 75 Ball Bingo, you’re looking to complete the pattern found on your Bingo Ticket. Patterns can be flowers, hearts, stars or coveralls – where you need to cover all of the numbers on a Ticket.

Chat Lingo

WTG (way to go), WD (well done) and BRB (be right back) are three of the most common phrases used in our chat rooms. Check out our Bingo Lingo page for more.

Chat Rooms

In our chat rooms, you can talk to other players and ask questions.

Coverall Games

The objective of coverall 75 Ball Bingo games is, quite simply, to cover all the numbers on the Ticket (of which there are 25). The first player to cover all of their numbers is the winner.


This is any money that you put into your Bingo account from your credit or debit card.

Deposit Bonus

This is a Bonus you receive after making a deposit.

Game Patterns

Various patterns feature in 75 Ball Bingo games, including patterns such as letters of the alphabet, numbers, and shapes.

Game Rooms

We have lots of game rooms, including 75 Ball, 90 Ball, 30 Ball and 80 Ball Bingo rooms.

 My Account

Clicking this icon at the top of the screen will let you log into your account and take you to the members’ area. In this area you can access the Cashier, Offers, History, Inbox, Connect, Settings, Gambling Controls and our Help Centre.


A payout is when the money you have won is paid out to your account and added to your balance.

Pending Period

This is a 48-hour window after you’ve withdrawn funds, during which you may put the amount back into your account.

Progressive Jackpots

In progressive jackpot games, a pot of cash builds up every time a player buys Tickets. The amount of the jackpot will increase with each game until it’s won. To win the jackpot, you must play a special progressive jackpot game and call Bingo in a certain amount of calls.

Take a look at our Progressive Jackpots page for more information.


These are players who you are playing with or are in the chat room with.


To play a Bingo game you need to purchase at least one Ticket, or two in some games. All Tickets are randomly generated when you request them. Ticket prices will range between 1p and £1.


This is the total amount that you have staked on a game.


Money that you withdraw from your account, which then goes back on the credit or debit Ticket you use to deposit.

Do you talk the talk?

Bingo isn’t just about winning, it’s about being part of a fun and friendly community too.

Our list of terms and acronyms below tells you everything you need to know to get chatting and interacting with the seriously smart Coral Bingo community!

  • AKA - also known as
  • ASAP - as soon as possible
  • BBL - be back later
  • BBS - be back soon
  • BLNT - better luck next time
  • BRB - be right back
  • BTW - by the way
  • CYA - see ya
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions
  • GG - good going (good game)
  • GL - good luck
  • GLA - good luck all
  • GLE - good luck everyone
  • GM - good morning
  • GN - good night
  • HB - hurry back
  • IC - I see
  • IMHO - in my honest opinion
  • IRL - in real life
  • JK - just kidding
  • JMO - just my opinion
  • JTLYK - just to let you know
  • KIT - keep in touch
  • KOTC - kiss on the cheek
  • KOTL - kiss on the lips
  • L8R - later
  • L8R G8R - later gator
  • LMAO - laughing my a** off
  • LOL - laughing out loud
  • LOFTING - talking in private chat (the loft)
  • LTNS - long-time no see
  • LUWAMH - love you with all my heart
  • LY - love you
  • NETUA - nobody ever tells us anything
  • NP - no problem
  • OIC - oh, I see
  • OMG - oh my goodness
  • OTOH - on the other hand
  • PM - private message
  • PMSL – peeing myself laughing
  • POOFI - have left the chat
  • PPL - people
  • QT - cutie
  • ROFL – rolling on floor laughing
  • ROFLMAO - rolling on floor laughing my a** off
  • SOHF - sense of humour failure
  • SRY - sorry
  • TC - take care
  • TTYL - talk to you later
  • TY - thank you
  • TYVM - thank you very much
  • WB - welcome back
  • WTG - way to go
  • WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get
  • YVW - you're very welcome
  • YW - you're welcome