Bingo Features

Looking to get the most out of what’s on offer at Coral Bingo? With so much to enjoy, look no further.

Check out our range of Bingo features below. 

Roll On Bingo

Up to 10 additional Full House or pattern prizes available to be won after standard prizes, giving you an increased chance of winning. 

Everyone’s a Winner

Purchase at least one ticket to the associated game, and you’ll win a share of the Prize Pot as long as you’ve not won any of the prize lines, Full House prize, feature prize or Jackpot prize. 

XTG Feature

During these games, we reward players who are close to winning, ranging from 1 To Go to 4 To Go. You’ll win a share of our XTG Prize Pot. 

Scratch Card

Offered to all non-winners in selected games, the Scratch Card feature is a Free Game giving you another chance to win if you match three of the same symbol. 

Cash Pot Wheel

Offered to Full House winners in selected games, the Cashpot Wheel can be spun to reveal additional cash prizes. 


Like Sports bets, you can cash out your bingo tickets early for reduced prizes. You are in control of your winnings. 

Multi Stake

In these games you can chose how much your tickets cost, the higher the ticket price, the higher the prizes. 

Hot Ball

At the start of the game a “Hot Ball” number is announced and additional prizes are awarded to all players if a Full House is called on the “Hot Ball” number. 

Free or Superbooks

You can purchase additional Superbooks games during our Free Bingo games, meaning you can play Free and paid tickets in the same game. Both ticket types will have separate Prize Pots. 

Physical Prizes

Spot ‘Merch’ in the prize area, and it’s a special game offering at least one physical prize.